Sorority Composites has been rated #1 for several years!

Pricing- We let you pick the price!

Sick of paying high prices for your sorority composite?  So were we, that is why we created a system to offer you the best pricing possible. is the only website that lets you the sorority member decide the pricing. 




At Sorority Composites we felt it would be fair to only offer composites at a price that you are willing to pay.  That is why we do our pricing the opposite way than most companies do. 

Please email us what you paid for your previous composite, and where you would like to be with a new composite company/price.  We will then let your chapter know your options on how we can get you that desired price.  At Sorority Composites we let your chapter decide the pricing! 

Only a company built by former sorority members could come up with something so great! 

To let us know what you want to pay for your next sorority composite please email us here.