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Sorority Composites

Every sorority needs a good sorority composite company.  At we provide sororities with the best composite any company can offer. Every Greek organization needs a composite that will last them a lifetime.  Our company only specializes in the creation of composites for sororities.  As former members of sororities ourselves we feel we are able to provide your sorority with the best service possible.  Our composites will ensure you have a photographer that is professional and makes your sorority members look beautiful in their composite pictures.  We dealt with companies enough on our own who had photographers who rushed us through the process. 


Online Design Tools

There's no more guessing or hoping things turn out the way you wanted with our online design tools which allow you to build, preview, make FREE changes to, and tell us that your composite is finished and ready for print.

Shared Memories

Nearly our entire staff are active or former greek leaders. We represent 15 nationally recognized fraternities and sororities from colleges and Universities all unique to one another. We know exactly what its like to have sorority composites created for us and how we wanted our experience to unfold with each sorority composite company we worked with. We bring that insight to each of our clients. We understand what you expect of us and we're here to exceed your expectations!


Our Guarantee

We guarantee your sorority will be 100% satisfied with the final product or your next composite from our company is on us!


Your sorority shouldn't burn it's money away using other sorority composite companies. That is why we have started make your own price, price quotes for our clients.  We want your sorority to tell us what you feel you should pay for your sorority composite!
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Your sorority composite shoot gets scheduled on your terms. Never again worry about when the sorority composite company will be on your campus, and pick the date that works best for your sorority!

"I really loved the way that they took the initiative to call me each step of the way. If I ever had a question they were always very attentive and deliberate in taking care of my me. Our SororityComposites turned out amazing!"


"What I thought was best about the staff of SororityComposites was that their interest in what we were making was mutual having gotten composites themselves once. I really felt like that bond helped us work together."



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